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Empowering the 99%

About One Love

One Love was an idea that has been many years in the making. Based on the premise of love for humanity and the realities of social and economic inequalities, the idea for One Love originated from the ideas of two entreprenuers who were looking for ways to benefit people and allow them to work together towards the goal of the eradication of economic oppression. Watch the announcement video

One Love is a cooperative organization that is focused on providing financial opportunities through collaborative economics.

Simply put One Love will combine the purchasing volume of it's Members for goods, property, and services in order to achieve the lowest possible sustainable delivered prices for One Love Members.

The core principles of One Love are: empowerment, shared ownership, democratic control, freedom and love.

Why a Co-op?

Cooperatives attempt to balance individuals’ needs with those of the community as a whole by encouraging individual empowerment within the structure of membership and responsibility to the group.

Each member of the cooperative has a voice and a role in the daily operations of the cooperative. Cooperative principles place a strong emphasis on democratic processes such as majority voting systems, participation by its members in decision-making, while sharing work and benefits.

Cooperatives do not operate in isolation from their community, but are integrated into society.

A cooperative is a collective way for people to collaborate, and unify financially.

By combining resources towards a common goal a cooperative allows it's members to work together by utilizing the services of the cooperative company to combine purchasing volume for goods, property, and services in order to achieve the lowest possible sustainable prices for the overall benefit of the cooperative members.


Patronage refund

Patronage refund is how One Love sends profits back to our members.

*This occurs only when profits and refunds are available.


Members of One Love will receive special discounts on services and products.


Members of One Love will have the ability to vote for directors as well as direction. Each members vote is rated the same regardless of Tier.

Roadmap 2019

1.Hemp Investmentcheck_circle

One Love Cooperative partners with

This was our first official investment as a group of which members voted and decided. This is investment is still on-going and updates are given regularly to our members.

2.Membership Window 2019loop

Membership window and open enrollment is open for 3-months (June 29th - end of September).


Once this round of capital is raised (monies raised within the membership window) the coop will vote and decide on our next investment.

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